About us

Guy Rothschild & Partners AG is an independent family office based in Zug, with global connections, offering an exciting opportunity to partner with and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our capital is sourced from our private network of strong personal relationships with successful international entrepreneurs at every stage of their respective journeys of development across multiple industries, including technology, media, financial services, and natural resources.

We seek to support our portfolio companies by offering access to our circle of highly respected institutional partners and clients, to help them build strategic relationships across the GCC, Africa and India.

Our approach is partnership-driven to deliver sustainable and long-term returns to all stakeholders.



Abu Dhabi​

What we look for

We embrace the power of fresh ideas and life-enhancing innovation. We, therefore, only invest in companies led by strong management teams with a clear strategy to disrupt and improve their respective industries.

We choose to invest in companies with proven track records in their home markets that are approaching break-even and need growth capital to expand and scale internationally.

While we are open to investment across multiple industry sectors, we do have a particular expertise in tech-enable B2B and B2C companies, fintech and health-tech businesses.

Our goal is to invest regionally in companies seeking to expand into the GCC, African and Indian markets.

We believe that in order to become the long term trusted partner of our clients, we need a strong network and professional strategic partners. For our clients with wealth management needs, we closely collaborate with a Zurich-based FINMA licensed portfolio management company, providing tailor-made and responsible investment services.

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